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Okanagan PHOTOSTAR® ~ Questions & Answers

How does your Photo Booth work?
We bring our our Photo Booth and set it up at your event.  When it's go time, your guests come into our booth, sit down and when they are ready to start their show, they press the Start Button and look at the camera.  A countdown will begin, and then the first picture will be taken.  The picture taken will be shown to your guests, then another countdown will begin and another photo taken.  Each time a picture is taken it will be shown to your guests.  We take four photos per session.  We also explain the photo booth operation during every photo session.

Do we an operator for the Photo Booth?
Yes, there is a Photo Booth expert on site.  We zoom in and out to make sure the best possible shot is taken, also ensuring you and your guests are having the most fun.

How big are the photos that are taken in your booth?
Each picture is taken with a 15 Mega-Pixel Camera to ensure the highest quality photo and resolution.  Each photo taken averages around a 5MB digital file size.  All of the digital photo files taken are put onto a Custom DVD and given to the client at the end of the event.

How big is a 4 MB Photo?
A 4 MB Photo means that you can blow up our Photo Booth Pictures to Poster Size.

When do we get our Photos?
The photo strips or photo grids, are printed within 1 minute of the end of the photo booth session.  They are immediately dry and ready to be shown off to everyone.

Do the guests pay for each Photo?

No they do not. The Photo Strips and Grids are all covered in the cost of the Rental.

Can we get an extra copy to put in our wedding album?
Yes you can!  We automatically do double prints for each photo booth session.  Both photo strips or photo grids are printed within 1 minute of the end of the photo booth session.

Can I get another copy of our photo strip, as I've misplaced mine.
Yes you can!  I will just need to cue it up, and it should print out shortly.

Can I see what your Photo Strips or Photo Grids look like?
Yes you can!  We have sample packages at the Wedding Cafe or you can just send us an email with your address to and I will mail you out a package.

Do your photo strips fade?
No they do not.  We are extremely proud of our product quality.  All of our Photo Strips and Photo Grids are printed on the highest quality photo paper, there is no fading or wear for years.  And I know this, because I have photo strips that were taken two years ago...and they are a fresh as if they were taken today.

Do we need to bring our own Props?
No, we bring them to each event.  It is all included in your rental rate.  We have an enormous collection of Props, from Pharaohs to Vikings to Alice in Wonderland.  We continually update our stock. 

When is the best time to start using the Photo Booth during an event?
In our experience, we have found that it works best after dinner.  This could be because everyone might have their courage up and are ready to go.  We've set up earlier, but have found some people to be a bit nervous to be the first ones in there.  It all depends on your guests and when they are ready to start their show.  For your best value, which to us means to a very active rental period...starting after dinner is the best idea!

How many people can you fit into your Photo Booth?
This is a commonly asked question.  Our max on record, without expanding the booth out longer...was 8+ people.  It was actually larger than that, but it's important to remember that the people were small.  It was a great photo!  If the booth gets too loaded, it doesn't work and I get wiggy....we take beautiful group photos, we just need to make sure everyone is included and plan it out.

When a group is inside the booth, can we see what's going on on the outside?
Yes you can.  Unless it's requested other wise for privacy, you can see the photos taken in the booth on the outside screen.  We also have a Slide Show Display which shuffles the photos taken during the event on the outside monitor.

What if I wanted to take a private photo, could you make it so it didn't show up anywhere it wasn't supposed to?
Yes we can!  Just let us know at the start of your photo session that this is a private photo; I immediately contain the picture so that it is just for your viewing eyes only.  If I also notice that you are taking a "private" photo, I will ensure it is again, just for your entertainment. 

Can your photo booth photos be put on to a big screen tv?
Yes we can!  Just ask us about our Big Screen TV Option.

Can you do an outdoor event?
Yes we can!  We have a tent that we use to cover our booth from the weather elements.  As long as we have a power supply we are good to go.  We have a 100 foot power cord.

Do you travel outside of Kelowna?
Yes we do!  We go any where in the Okanagan Valley; there is a mileage rate depending on the distance.

What is a Mileage Rate?
Our Mileage Rate is a charge per km for traveling to and from a location outside of Kelowna.  We tow our booth around in a Custom Trailer; with the transportation logistics of pulling our trailer up and down those hills...we have a rate to compensate for the wear on our SUV.  Our current mileage rate is .95/km. 

What does a Photo Booth Rental Include?
- Pre-event consultation
- Free Booth delivery/set-up (Kelowna)
- Photo Booth expert on-site
- Photo Booth Prop Manager / Guest Wrangler
- Standard black back drop
- High End Props
- On-screen slide show
- Unlimited photo sessions
- Photo Strips or Photo Grid Options
- Double Prints
- Customization: text/logo/image
- Online Password Protected Gallery
- DVD of all High Resolution Photos - Full Colour and Black & Whites
  (You receive your DVD at the end of your rental period)

What does it cost to rent the Okanagan PHOTOSTAR® Hard Shell Photo Booth?
THREE FULL HOURS of Guest Entertainment ~ $850.* for our Hard Shell Booth
Each additional hour ~ $225.*
Stand-by $100./hour*
2 Hour Special Sunday to Thursday - $499. for less than 60 guests

What does it cost to rent the Okanagan PHOTOSTAR® Stand Up Photo Booth?

THREE FULL HOURS of Guest Entertainment ~ $850.* for our Stand Up Model
Each additional hour ~ $225.*
Stand-by $100./hour*
2 Hour Special Sunday to Thursday - $499. for less than 60 guests

TWO FULL HOURS of Kid Entertainment $399.*
Each additional hour ~ $225.* 

* Please note that all rentals are GST Applicable.

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